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 Let's enjoy the English books.
The work that has gone down to history can touch heartstrings of the mind. The work is still survived though the author doesn't exist on the ground now. In a true word , It is fresh always through all eternity. At that time, it is a daughter. You can see with our eiBooks viewer( © 2010 E.I.CONCEPT ) by downloading the book to want to see you from following WEB to Android Mobile.

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GoogleBooks(English version) - Google says one million are opened to the public.

☆ Method of acquiring file of EPUB form in Google books ☆

・Only English version Google books corresponds.
・Only the file of the public domain where the full text can be acquired corresponds.
・All files of the public domain do not correspond.

The EPUB file can be acquired by the following procedure.

1. Opens English version Google books.

2. We can retrieve it by moving from retrieval setting (Advanced Book Search) to the Search setting and just find any public domain book on Google Books.

3. EPUB format can be found by clicking upper right side Download in the toolbar , it is clicked (Then, download get started).

Project Gutenberg - free electronic books (ebooks)

eBooks@Adelaide(English version) - Free Web Books, Online

The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money - John Maynard Keynes

  fairy tales 

Gutenberg - Abundant amounts of collection of books

English Library - "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" etc

short stories at east of the web  - "To fairy tales clicking children 's tab

Classic short stories - "Aesop's Fab"

ANDERSEN'S FAIRY TALES - by Hans Christian Andersen

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